Monday, February 18, 2013


I've been rocking with this weave for 9weeks.... I think I'm over it!


I still love the hair, and how it looks, and the accessibility of not having to do my hair BUT I miss my FRO y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my February Curlbox last week and I can't even play in none of my stuff like I want to *pouts*

So the plan is to wear my hair another few days and then have it taken out this wknd.. I want to deep condition and scratch my scalp! Unless it snows or drops to 15 degrees this weave is coming out..


I purchased my hair from -- this was my very 1st time purchasing online and I will DEFINITELY be ordering from them again

I originally ordered 22' 24' 26' deep wave but my stylist cut it a lot shorter than expected sooooooooooooooooo the longest layer might be 22' long

I never went to get it blown out or straightened but I did put some spiral curls in it on my own

I co-washed at least once a week sometimes twice a week depending on how I felt.. I did not experience very much shedding.

This hair tangled up on me TWICE! BOTH times I went to bed with wet hair and nothing on my head -- totally my fault *shrugs*

For the most part, I wore this hair in its natural state.. The curl pattern matched my hair texture nicely -- I would love to find some hair that had more coil than wave but this hair type will definitely go into my rotation.

I am looking forward to seeing my hair again. I've been pulling at my tracks and its about an inch and a half of new growth! Not bad for 9weeks. I'm still trying to wear protective styles for the rest of the winter so after a good deep condition and a Lil TLC I'm tucking her away again.

I'll be back later to share my post weave update!

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