Saturday, December 29, 2012


Blogging live and direct from my bed.. I've been M.I.A for three weeks and I have to get these posts out before the end of the year!

Lemme tell you curlies about my DECEMBER CURLBOX!!!! Oh Em Gee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!


This month @myleik and the @curlbox crew have out done themselves.. 

In the box:
  • Super DOPE 8pg mag card
  • Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter moisturizer
  • Eco styler olive oil gel
  • Dr. Miracles Curl Care Soft hold creme
  • Isabella's Own - "Fix my Fro" curl cream (4 samples)
  • Lustrasilk Curl Max - curl activator  Moisturizer (2 samples)
  • Shea Moisture - Moisture retention shampoo (sample)
  • Nubian Heritage - strengthen and grow hair treatment masque

I've already used and have fallen in love with the Elasta QP moisturizer -- It smells like heaven and even my weave hair responds to it!

If you have used Eco styler than you already know that this gel is the truth but if you put it on top of the Elasta QP moisturizer you have an OFFICIAL B.A.C. (Bomb Ass Combo)

Idk what it is about these two but they are a match made in natural hair heaven.. They work so well together that I have kinda neglected everything else in my hair cabinet! The gel provides hold and frizz control while the moisturizer ummmmmmmm moisturizes! Its the BOMB!

OH! One other new love from this box is the FIX MY FRO curl cream.. I haven't been using it in the traditional sense but I have been spraying in between my tracks with water and then "greasing" my scalp with the curl cream -- it is very light so I don't have to worry about it weighing my weave down or looking greasy but it gives my scalp enough love that I don't have to worry about dry hair underneath the weave.. 

Before I forget..

You curlies still have a couple days to use these coupons before they expire DECEMBER 31, 2012

Free shipping on your next order use CURLBOX12 at checkout
25% off your purchase from "STRAWLERS" use code curlbox at checkout
15% off at use CURLBOX15 

Consider it a late Christmas gift! 

Stay Blessed -- Love Freely


Morning loves,

I know its been foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr since my last post -- please don't be too mad but a sistah had some issues!

Anyway, 1st I hope your Christmas was amazing!!!!!!!!

Now back to the subject at hand -- this CASTOR OIL HAIR CHALLENGE I signed up for at the beginning of the month *pause for emphasis*

*side eye* y'all I am doing terrible! TERRIBLE!! LOL! I haven't kept up with the regimen, I haven't signed in on in AT LEAST three weeks -- like I totally suck at this hair challenge!

Now let me tell you girls what my issues are with the challenge. I have this weave in (stay tuned for a review and update) and I don't wet my hair that often -- I still co-wash at least once a week but that is usually the only time I wet my hair soooooooooooooooo WHEN THE HELL AM I GOING TO SEAL WITH CASTOR OIL IF THERE IS NO INITIAL MOISTURE???????  And another thing, they send that check-in email very very very early Saturday morning -- ain't nobody got time to wipe to crust out their eyes and think about Castor oil! I look at the email, read it and then I go back to sleep - I never remember to go back on the site and actually answer the ?s in the damn email! I need a reminder for my reminder.. LOL! I'm so frustrated with myself over this damn challenge

There is a bright side.

This week while I was co-washing my hair I filled my spray bottle with water, leave n conditioner and a bit of Castor oil and just went in between my tracks for some extra love and attention.. That's when I got the bright idea to just do that 3x a week -- it fulfills my hair challenge requirement, gives my own hair the love it needs AND I don't have to completely drench my head in the middle of a NY winter --  OH YEA I'M WINNING!

So I'm back on track! I will be checking in on the KCCM website this week and I'll let y'all know how everything turns out after a week -- pray for me..




Saturday, December 1, 2012



It is December 1st and everyone is in that holiday "new year new me" mode and with that comes new challenges.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a Castor Oil 3 month hair challenge with it started today and will run until March 1st. You ladies still have time to sign up and register for the challenge if your interested!

I know for me, I want the most awesome curly fro I can possibly handle and taking really good care of it is a part of that.

So the challenge consist of checking in weekly for questions and feedback with other naturals AND committing yourself to using Castor Oil at least three times a week during the three months.


Castor Oil is an excellent humectant for skin and hair. It helps with thinning hair and hair loss, and it prevents dry scalp.

I will be using Jamaican Black Castor Oil during this challenge for 2 reasons..

  1.  I already have it in my cabinet
  2.  This form of Castor Oil is raw and has kept most of its good stuff!
I still plan to weave up my natural hair some time in the next few weeks so that may prove to be a challenge for keeping up with the Castor Oil.. 

Right Now..

I am sealing my ends with my Castor Oil Mix
Massaging my scalp & edges
Pre-Poo'ing with a hot oil mix

After my install..

I can probably keep up with the last two from above but I have to come up with another use for it UNLESS I spritz with water and oil in between my tracks for extra moisture and sealing at the same damn time!



Use equal parts of everything and shake! TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

I will check in with you dolls as often as possible and keep you up to date on the progress