Friday, September 28, 2012


October is approaching.. I've been weave free for about two months now and I'm itching to tuck my hair away and give her a break for a few months!!!!

But what is a natural to do?????

I really don't have the patience or the time for weekly wash, detangle, deep conditioning anymore. school is back in session and I need as little maintenance as possible! PLUS my hair does really well when it is left the hell alone!

Do I wanna rock braids or a long curly weave or maybe i'll go all out and get a straight one?????  *taps chin* HMMMMMMMMMMM... decisions decisions

Whatever I decide I have to prepare my hair for this protective style.. October 1st starts the preparation!
Before any protective style I try to make sure my hair is in tip top condition -- you don't wanna "protect" your hair only to end up with more issues than you had before.

My preparation includes:
Hair trim
Weekly deep conditioners
Protein treatments
Weekly oil pre poo

I'm not sure if any of this is even necessary but for me and my sanity it seems like the right thing to do! I'm gonna purchase everything I need for October and hopefully by November I would have decided what I'm going to do with all this hair.

I love "she" but I need a break!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Howwwwwwwwww do I start this post without offending anyone?????

*jeopardy music*

Girl Bye.... I don't know how to write this without offending someone! So let me just apologize in advance -- I'M SORRY-- I have to be honest.

You want to go natural, you want to embrace your natural texture and let go of your chemically treated hair BUT you don't want to be bald headed...

I totally understand! I feel you girl! Let the church say AMEN!!!!

I don't know about any other natural. I can't even speak for any other woman but I LIKE HAVING HAIR ON MY HEAD... Shaving off all my hair never sounded appealing to me. I was in a relationship and he met me with hair -- how do i just pop up with the same haircut as him?? LOL! I'm not even sure how big my head actually is under all this hair!!!!! What if I have some crazy lumpy wop-sided cranium????

Does this make me silly? shallow? superficial? PERHAPS!

But its my head, my hair and I wanted to keep it dammit! *stomps foot*

So I transitioned.. I went through that awkward what the hell stage.. I watched YouTube videos, bought all the products and failed EPICALLY often!!!!!! I wore weaves, twists, blow outs and cut my hair gradually!!

Do not trust those naturals that say "my hair journey has been wonderful" "I loved that transitioning phase" "managing two textures wasn't that bad" *side eye* THAT HOOKER IS LYING AND THE TRUTH AIN'T NOWHERE IN THAT!!!!!!!

The desire to hold on to your length will eventually subside. I fell so much in love with my new hair that those stringy ends were a burden after a while. Some women will get to that revelation sooner than others. It took me close to two years before I was just a scissor happy fool!

Looking back..

I would love to see my hair start from scratch! I could confidently be one of those bald headed chicks rocking that uber cute TWA -- it is all about preference and what you are comfortable with!

Be patient.. You will look back and slightly chuckle at the whole experience.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey lovesssssss.. It's Tuesday and this past Saturday I received my September Curlbox!!!!!!

For someone who may not know, Curlbox is a monthly subscription service and every month you receive a box full of goodies for your natural hair, it is $20 a month and if you go to you can sign up there.


Saturday I run over to the post office, pick up my box and head home.. I set up my box for photos and Instagram chat only to see fellow naturals bashing my beloved box! I was shocked! Appalled! In complete disbelief! Myleik is like my very cool older sister in my head -- I admire her work ethic -- I am amazed at how big her dreams are and how hard she works to get them soooooooooooooo for someone to try to talk junk about my fake sister I did not take too kindly to that.

Now I won't even tell y'all who the ungrateful culprit was but in case she is reading this *side eye* The comparison game (her box is better than my box) is not cool. You are paying $20 to try out new products and to find that perfect combination for your hair without having to spend an arm and a leg! Its samples! Its fun! Curlbox is to naturals what Jordan's are to the sneaker community!

I say if you don't like it -- UNSUBSCRIBE!

Now that teeny tiny rant is over let me tell y'all about my box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got..
Design Essentials "twist and set" setting lotion
Quidad "climate control heat & humidity gel" with an AWESOME Quidad shower comb
Organic Root Stimulator "herbal cleanse" dry shampoo
Curl Keeper "total control" for frizzy hair
Senica Naturals shampoo bar
20% off any order at until 11/15/12 Coupon Code: CBOX
15% off any curly hair solutions product until 10/31/12 Coupon Code: CURLBX2

I haven't used anything from my box yet except the setting lotion and that was just an extra step before I  tucked my hair away in two braids.. It smells really good! I'll come back with a full review later this week..

The Ouidad will have to wait since it is already September..New York doesn't have very much heat or humidity right now but I'll use my coupon for a fall friendly product

I'm saving the dry shampoo for my next weave -- that will probably be the only time I would use a product like that but I've heard it is really good for those ladies with lovely locs..

Pics and reviews coming soon..

Let me know what you thought of your September box..

MONEY MAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I interrupt this hair forum to share the good news.. This morning I joined team MCA!!!!!!

What is team MCA??????

Motor Club of America of course! I paid $40 for their benefits program which includes health, legal and auto benefits. For every person I get to sign up I get $80 and for every person they get to sign up I get $6 dollars....


I've done the research.. I've watched the videos, googled it and contacted the better business bureau..

It's real and people are making money!

You can cancel your membership at any time.

MCA is a real business.. I've enclosed some links of others and their experience with the company -- check it out and then sign up

Thursday, September 13, 2012


*waves* heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boo!

LOL! That always cracks me up.. Anyway -- hey guys.. It is September 13th and from the title you should know that this post is gonna be all over the place.. please exit stage right if you are bothered by this ----------->

OK! 1st things 1st --- I made it through another term of school...  *whew* AMEN! GLO-RAY! It was hard y'all. Summer sessions are the toughest to get through but I made it out with 3 A's!! My next term doesn't start until the 24th so I have a little time to work on the blog and get the post out a little faster than I have been.

Speaking of blog, Its been almost a month and you guys are really reading my blog. I am in shock! Thank you so much! Shout out to everyone in Russia checking me out -- I am amazed. This is just the beginning tell your friends to tell they friends to check it out!

I am working on a few things right now and I am so excited to share them with you... So look out for that.

This month I've come across some products that I absolutely love -- not regular love -- but like the bottles are empty and I'm looking for more of it love and the winners this month are...

  1. Carol's daughter tui leave-in conditioner spray
  2. Jane Carter curl defining cream
  3. Carol's daughter hair milk pudding
  4. Cantu's shea butter coconut curling cream
  5. Bee Mine bee hold curly butter

The Tui leave-in was a random weekly beauty supply purchase. The smell is pleasant and it makes finger detangling a breeze. I also used it to re-moisturize my hair during the week if it felt a little dry.

Jane Carter is the only item on this list that I still have more of. It came in a 16oz jar with a very convenient pump. It is an all natural product with really good ingredients. I used this for a wash & go and as a styling cream for my flexi rod set.

The hair milk and curling cream were from my August curlbox -- you can check out my post on that but a month later those products are gone! Like finito, finished, no more, farewell! 

Last but not least was the Bee Mine sample I got from my swag bag for naturals night out. It was a 2oz sample and I either have a very large head, a lot of hair or I am very heavy handed but either way that little sample only got used one time. If you read my wash & go post you know that I liked it but I wasn't too thrilled about the crunch I had using the eco styler gel. I used bee mine to define my curls and style my wash & go without the gel and it looked AWESOME!!!!!!!! I got the definition without the crunch and I was too happy about that so like a true product junkie I ordered a full size jar!

My September curlbox has been shipped so I can not wait for her to get here!

I'm networking and getting the metrocitycurly name out there -- world domination coming soon!

We have a instagram and a tumblr specifically metrocitycurly so check those out! 

Im excited! I hope you guys continue to support and show love.. I'll continue to work it out 


Friday, September 7, 2012



For fashion night out I attended the chic&kinky naturals night out @ pranna event...

Let me first shout out  and say that it was such a well put together event!

A bunch of beautiful naturals, professional photographers, red carpet, swag bags, raffles, video vloggers, bloggers, food, drinks and IT STARTED ON TIME!!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised because y'all know how "our" people do -- LOL!

I know y'all wanna see pics..

My outfit of the night was cute and funky!!!!!!  Basic shorts and a tee but that long obnoxious braid and bright lip was all I needed to make the essentials POP!!  Babyyyyyyyyyyyy she was a HIT *hair flip*

Yessssssssssss! Charyjay was there! (As well as other bloggers) I was stanning pretty hard on Ms. Charjay. She is so pleasant and so cute. Her hair was poppington ,of course, but if you have seen her videos y'all should already know that she was going to bring it. She took plenty of pictures and stopped to speak to everyone -- we are like BFF's in my head



All in all this event was a major success in my book. I'll be having a wash day trying out my new samples! I look forward to attending any more events that chic&kinky put together. 

Monday, September 3, 2012



It's September 3rd -- Happy Labor Day!

I found this photo challenge on instagram via @curlupn_dye and of course I had to share it with you guys. We are a few days late but I'm jumping right in starting tomorrow!


At the end of the month I will make a photo collage for the entire challenge.. Join in and lets see what you come up with..

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Its that time again!!!!!!!! Y'all already know -- my slight obsessions of the week!!!!!


OK.. Soooooo I have a photo shoot next Friday and I have been obsessing over the "inspiration"

What to wear??

What will my hair look like??

Can I be sexy on demand?? *laughs* No.. but I'm going to try

Annnnnnnnnddddddddddd MY MAKEUP DUH!!!!

These are pictures people.. PERMANENT PICTURES.. I need makeup.. So y'all should already know!!!!

I'll keep you guys posted, of course! This is going to be so much fun :-)