Thursday, September 13, 2012


*waves* heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boo!

LOL! That always cracks me up.. Anyway -- hey guys.. It is September 13th and from the title you should know that this post is gonna be all over the place.. please exit stage right if you are bothered by this ----------->

OK! 1st things 1st --- I made it through another term of school...  *whew* AMEN! GLO-RAY! It was hard y'all. Summer sessions are the toughest to get through but I made it out with 3 A's!! My next term doesn't start until the 24th so I have a little time to work on the blog and get the post out a little faster than I have been.

Speaking of blog, Its been almost a month and you guys are really reading my blog. I am in shock! Thank you so much! Shout out to everyone in Russia checking me out -- I am amazed. This is just the beginning tell your friends to tell they friends to check it out!

I am working on a few things right now and I am so excited to share them with you... So look out for that.

This month I've come across some products that I absolutely love -- not regular love -- but like the bottles are empty and I'm looking for more of it love and the winners this month are...

  1. Carol's daughter tui leave-in conditioner spray
  2. Jane Carter curl defining cream
  3. Carol's daughter hair milk pudding
  4. Cantu's shea butter coconut curling cream
  5. Bee Mine bee hold curly butter

The Tui leave-in was a random weekly beauty supply purchase. The smell is pleasant and it makes finger detangling a breeze. I also used it to re-moisturize my hair during the week if it felt a little dry.

Jane Carter is the only item on this list that I still have more of. It came in a 16oz jar with a very convenient pump. It is an all natural product with really good ingredients. I used this for a wash & go and as a styling cream for my flexi rod set.

The hair milk and curling cream were from my August curlbox -- you can check out my post on that but a month later those products are gone! Like finito, finished, no more, farewell! 

Last but not least was the Bee Mine sample I got from my swag bag for naturals night out. It was a 2oz sample and I either have a very large head, a lot of hair or I am very heavy handed but either way that little sample only got used one time. If you read my wash & go post you know that I liked it but I wasn't too thrilled about the crunch I had using the eco styler gel. I used bee mine to define my curls and style my wash & go without the gel and it looked AWESOME!!!!!!!! I got the definition without the crunch and I was too happy about that so like a true product junkie I ordered a full size jar!

My September curlbox has been shipped so I can not wait for her to get here!

I'm networking and getting the metrocitycurly name out there -- world domination coming soon!

We have a instagram and a tumblr specifically metrocitycurly so check those out! 

Im excited! I hope you guys continue to support and show love.. I'll continue to work it out 


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