Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey lovesssssss.. It's Tuesday and this past Saturday I received my September Curlbox!!!!!!

For someone who may not know, Curlbox is a monthly subscription service and every month you receive a box full of goodies for your natural hair, it is $20 a month and if you go to http.curlbox.com you can sign up there.


Saturday I run over to the post office, pick up my box and head home.. I set up my box for photos and Instagram chat only to see fellow naturals bashing my beloved box! I was shocked! Appalled! In complete disbelief! Myleik is like my very cool older sister in my head -- I admire her work ethic -- I am amazed at how big her dreams are and how hard she works to get them soooooooooooooo for someone to try to talk junk about my fake sister I did not take too kindly to that.

Now I won't even tell y'all who the ungrateful culprit was but in case she is reading this *side eye* The comparison game (her box is better than my box) is not cool. You are paying $20 to try out new products and to find that perfect combination for your hair without having to spend an arm and a leg! Its samples! Its fun! Curlbox is to naturals what Jordan's are to the sneaker community!

I say if you don't like it -- UNSUBSCRIBE!

Now that teeny tiny rant is over let me tell y'all about my box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got..
Design Essentials "twist and set" setting lotion
Quidad "climate control heat & humidity gel" with an AWESOME Quidad shower comb
Organic Root Stimulator "herbal cleanse" dry shampoo
Curl Keeper "total control" for frizzy hair
Senica Naturals shampoo bar
20% off any order at senicanaturals.com until 11/15/12 Coupon Code: CBOX
15% off any curly hair solutions product frzzoff.com until 10/31/12 Coupon Code: CURLBX2

I haven't used anything from my box yet except the setting lotion and that was just an extra step before I  tucked my hair away in two braids.. It smells really good! I'll come back with a full review later this week..

The Ouidad will have to wait since it is already September..New York doesn't have very much heat or humidity right now but I'll use my coupon for a fall friendly product

I'm saving the dry shampoo for my next weave -- that will probably be the only time I would use a product like that but I've heard it is really good for those ladies with lovely locs..

Pics and reviews coming soon..

Let me know what you thought of your September box..


  1. I may give it a try

    1. Good. its an awesome service... I will post when the list is open again

  2. Thanks for posting. Please let me know how you like the Senk Shampoo bar.

    1. Glad you enjoyed my post; unfortunately, I can't give an honest assessment of the shampoo bar. My curlbox included a sample of the shampoo bar and I have way too much hair to get through my whole head with that bar -- I parted my hair in sections and used the shampoo bar with a small section, that portion felt clean without feeling stripped. I may purchase on my own but i wasn't really blown away with that one section of hair. Hope that helps