Friday, September 28, 2012


October is approaching.. I've been weave free for about two months now and I'm itching to tuck my hair away and give her a break for a few months!!!!

But what is a natural to do?????

I really don't have the patience or the time for weekly wash, detangle, deep conditioning anymore. school is back in session and I need as little maintenance as possible! PLUS my hair does really well when it is left the hell alone!

Do I wanna rock braids or a long curly weave or maybe i'll go all out and get a straight one?????  *taps chin* HMMMMMMMMMMM... decisions decisions

Whatever I decide I have to prepare my hair for this protective style.. October 1st starts the preparation!
Before any protective style I try to make sure my hair is in tip top condition -- you don't wanna "protect" your hair only to end up with more issues than you had before.

My preparation includes:
Hair trim
Weekly deep conditioners
Protein treatments
Weekly oil pre poo

I'm not sure if any of this is even necessary but for me and my sanity it seems like the right thing to do! I'm gonna purchase everything I need for October and hopefully by November I would have decided what I'm going to do with all this hair.

I love "she" but I need a break!

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