Saturday, September 22, 2012


Howwwwwwwwww do I start this post without offending anyone?????

*jeopardy music*

Girl Bye.... I don't know how to write this without offending someone! So let me just apologize in advance -- I'M SORRY-- I have to be honest.

You want to go natural, you want to embrace your natural texture and let go of your chemically treated hair BUT you don't want to be bald headed...

I totally understand! I feel you girl! Let the church say AMEN!!!!

I don't know about any other natural. I can't even speak for any other woman but I LIKE HAVING HAIR ON MY HEAD... Shaving off all my hair never sounded appealing to me. I was in a relationship and he met me with hair -- how do i just pop up with the same haircut as him?? LOL! I'm not even sure how big my head actually is under all this hair!!!!! What if I have some crazy lumpy wop-sided cranium????

Does this make me silly? shallow? superficial? PERHAPS!

But its my head, my hair and I wanted to keep it dammit! *stomps foot*

So I transitioned.. I went through that awkward what the hell stage.. I watched YouTube videos, bought all the products and failed EPICALLY often!!!!!! I wore weaves, twists, blow outs and cut my hair gradually!!

Do not trust those naturals that say "my hair journey has been wonderful" "I loved that transitioning phase" "managing two textures wasn't that bad" *side eye* THAT HOOKER IS LYING AND THE TRUTH AIN'T NOWHERE IN THAT!!!!!!!

The desire to hold on to your length will eventually subside. I fell so much in love with my new hair that those stringy ends were a burden after a while. Some women will get to that revelation sooner than others. It took me close to two years before I was just a scissor happy fool!

Looking back..

I would love to see my hair start from scratch! I could confidently be one of those bald headed chicks rocking that uber cute TWA -- it is all about preference and what you are comfortable with!

Be patient.. You will look back and slightly chuckle at the whole experience.


  1. Lml..... Lovely..... Thanks for your honesty...... I did the bc but I find myself wearing weaves and wigs...... Trying to get out of that..... I'm thinking about the twist.for right now..... Still getting the hang of it

    1. You are more than welcome.. Rock whatever makers you comfortable -- I certainly did!