Sunday, October 7, 2012


This post is all about my new loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a combination of curl box goodies and my weekly trips to my local beauty supply store..

Y'all already know that my September curlbox included Design Essentials "twist and set" setting lotion and randomly one day I picked up two products from the As I Am line sooooooooooooooooo lets get started!

We have all used that crappy blue setting lotion. We have all messed up the water/product ration and ended up with the crunchiest hair EVER!!!!! Whatever your thoughts are about setting lotion Design Essentials "twist and set" seeing lotion is NOTHING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff is'am

Design Essentials "twist and set" setting lotion

This really is unlike any other setting lotion. It kept my hair soft and moisturized. Just spray and style as usual! Any strict curly girls out there may have a problem with the ingredients -- I'm sure there is something in here that isn't curly girl approved but MY HAIR LIKED IT! The bottle says it is infused with jojoba oil and silk amino acids for shine and moisture and I'm definitely co-signing!!!! This was by far the best product in my September CurlBox! I used this a few a different ways; for twists, my fro-hawk and to set my last flexi rod set

The smell is mild and does not linger
Gives definition without dryness or crunch
Left my hair soft 
The nozzle is not user friendly (initially)


So I saw these products at my local beauty supply store and decided to pick them up. I saw a few YouTube videos reviewing the cleansing conditioner and I just had to see what the hype was all about. First of all, the price is AWESOME!!!!!! The 16oz jar of the coconut co-wash was not even $20!!!! You ladies already know that is amazing -- 16oz for less than $20 is Unheard of! 

The coconut co-wash cleansing conditioner is suppose to be like a milder shampoo, no suds, definitely the same consistency as a conditioner with better cleaning agents for product build up.. Since I am a natural who does NOT use shampoo this was a nice change. My hair definitely felt clean without that dry stripping feeling that you get from a shampoo -- I used the co-wash at least once a week and even with my big ole head this product still lasted for a month!

The leave-in conditioner was great. I used about a quarter size for my sections and smoothed it on my hair -- it smells sooooooooooooooooo good! This product was really good for clumping my curls.. really really good! I put this in my hair and sealed with evoo a few times and just let it air dry! no styling products, no gel, no curl enhancing and this stuff still had my curls POPPINGTON..

As a duo these two do EXACTLY what they are supposed to do
The smell is coconut! I happen to love coconut
The leave-in was great for detangling and clumping
The cleanser was mild enough and still got my hair clean

Friday 10/5/12 just AS I AM & EVOO

Red lips.. AS I AM & EVOO

Week old flexi-set 

Morning foolishness

Flexi-rod set... Design Essentials

Chunky braid out.. Design Essentials

I will definitely repurchase all of these items.. I'm also looking forward to trying more from each product line.. HAVE YOU TRIED THESE?? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS??

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