Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm blogging through the storm y'all! I haven't seen a drop of rain YET but they say she is on her way...

NYC is officially shut down -- NO MTA, NO SCHOOL.. If any of you know they NEVER EVER RARELY EVER NEVER shut down our city -- super crazy snow storms and terrorism are the only two reasons I can remember for us not having any train or bus service...

ANYWAY... we have snacks, internet connection, vodka and new hair products to try! As long as I don't lose power Sandy can act up all she want outside -- I'll be inside writing up some new blog post!

Bck to the hair.. 

Yesterday was my annual choir day at church and my go to style is ,of course, FLEXI RODS! If you ladies haven't figured it out yet, I am style challenged.. I think I am going to push myself to master a few more styles just to switch it up -- I can't really do tutorials if I don't do anything to my hair *sigh* BUTTTTTTTTTTTT my flexi rods were super cute -- I used giovanni's direct leave-n, twists-n-locks organic leave-n conditioner (samples from CurlBox) and a spray bottle of water to set my hair.

One thing I've learned about my hair since going natural is that it takes FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR to dry! Ya'll ever watch the youtubers and she twists her hair and then edits the video to show the take down in the morning????? IN WHAT WORLD DOES THAT HAPPEN??? That never happens for me -- LOL -- EVER! I set my hair Friday night and Saturday afternoon at 3pm there was still damp hair!  Anyway, It was soft and the curls that were completely dry were poppington. I'll be looking for that twists-n-locks line at my local BSS and I'll purchase the full size to add to my stash.

LOL! YES I snap pics while I get dressed.. @metrocitycurly on Instagram


I use the yellow rods in the very front and and the back for smaller curls. The middle of my head is longer and I like a looser curl so I use the red rods. I can't remember how many rods I use all together but I think it is about 50 for my whole head.

These four samples were just enough for my big ole head. I'll be looking for the full size so I can come back with a real review for you. 

Heaven in a bottle.. Review coming soon!

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