Saturday, May 25, 2013


I hope you girls didn't think jst bcuz I was away that I stopped playing in my hair - HA! NEVER! - in fact I think I've been trying out more and more stuff jst bcuz...

Anyway.. I have all of these products that I am absolutely in love with so I decided to share a quick product haul/review with you guys

1st.. NOTHING BUT PURE PUDDING: Defines & enhances curls & coils w/o the crunch

  • It was $6.49 but I had a $1 off coupon for 8.8oz 
  • NO petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants or phthalates

I have been loving this styler for my twists and twist outs and braid outs.. It leaves my hair super soft and supple with no crunch! This product is absolutely no good if you are looking for hold - its jst not that type of product but if you mix it wit a Lil Eco then your problems are solved. It has a nice clean scent to it - not too perfumey which is awesome!

2nd.. 3 SISTERS OF NATURE SWEET BOUNCE BACK: Elongates curl, softens & moisturizes

Now I stumbled across this product on a whim one day and I decided to try it... and the thing about it is on the bottle it says "Compare to Miss Jessie's super sweetback treatment" if any of you girls have been natural long enough then you have probably heard about Miss Jessie - that was really the first product line i ever tried on my natural hair. If you've tried it then you knw that it is SUPER EXPENSIVE wit a bunch of CRAP ASS INGREDIENTS!

Honestly Miss Jessie's is all HYPE - DON'T WASTE YA MONEY!!! IT IS EXPENSIVE CRAP!!!

But bck to 3 sisters..

  • All natural product containing no alcohol; no waxes; no silicones; no petrolatum; no mineral oil, no parabens; no formaldehyde; no carbomer; no gimmicks and no hype!!!!!!!!
  • It was $11.99 for 8oz

I have been using this product for my wash-n-go's.. The Mr. Mr. loves my hair in a w-n-g so I try to oblige him sometimes. This product gives me GREAT DEFINITION! It clumps my hair together like nothing else I've ever used! I don't even need gel when I use this stuff - It is amazinggggggggggggggg. In comparison to Miss Jessie's and 3 SISTERS the only thing comparable is the bubble gum pink color and smell - THAT'S IT! I freaking love this product!


Again the bottle says "compare to Miss Jessie's rapid recovery treatment" and again they got it right! Hell the remix is better than the damn original. This stuff is all natural as well and it was $11.99 for 8oz

The deep conditioner has a very thick and creamy consistency - I've used it alone and with my homemade yogurt mix and both left my hair feeling like butta baby..

4th.. ELASTA QP DPR-11+ deep penetrating remoisturizing conditioner

This deep treatment conditioner is THE TRUTH!!!! 

Now I will say that THIS IS NOT AN ALL NATURAL PRODUCT but the natural oils and extracts are so high up on the ingredient list that I'm not bothered by the other stuff in it. 

I love it! I've used this when my hair has been screaming for wash day and i either don't have the time or am being lazy and this stuff gives my hair the moisture it needs. All i do is spray my hair with water and work in the magic.. I have left it in all day and went to school, I have used it under a plastic bag for a few hours, I have even done a quickie rinse jst to wake my hair up. CRACK IN A BOTTLE 


I haven't made it to whole foods to pick up any coconut oil so I was super excited when I saw this in my beauty supply. Its coconut oil - love in a damn bottle plain & simple! Now that the weather is getting warmer I prefer coconut oil over olive oil bcuz it is a lighter oil and olive oil seems to weigh my hair down in the warmer months.

A dab will do ya. I seal my ends and rub this through my hair after it has been cleaned and conditioned. My hair is soft and shiny for days after this stuff



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