Monday, January 27, 2014


Hey Loves,

Last year January I purchased and installed my first batch of hair from samegirldifferenthair and this year january I did it again! MiaRay had a bundle sale a few months before and my sweetie sweetie surprised me with two bundles of 20' and 22' Brazilian deep wave.

Again the hair came in pretty simple packaging - no extra bells and whistles - but who needs it when your hair is so bomb!

I decided before my install that I wanted to do things a little differently and actually ombre it myself. Lets go into that real quick..

You will need:
  • Clairol BW 2 powder
  • Clairol 20vol creme developer (pure white)
  • Foil, applicator brush, gloves

I've watched some youtube videos and I convinced myself that I could do this at home without jacking up my bundles of hair and even if i did *shrugs* it isnt really MY HAIR!!! I started with the shorter already used bundles from my last install (yes I reused hair) and after I didn't jack up that hair I bleached the longer newer bundles.

I'm gonna tell you where I made my mistake - the first night I went to bleach this hair I should have taken the bleach as far up as I wanted to go the very first time but instead I went back two days later and RE-bleached! I got the look I was going for but my hair is dryer than I would like. The lightest blonde is the frizziest and the driest and I've actually cut off a few inches because of it!

Soooooooooo how do you like your hair??

The quality of this hair is perfect for us natural girls (in my opinion) This brazilian hair has the same weight and same luster as my own hair so it makes blending a styling very easy.

Have you experienced any shedding??

This time around, yes! I am attributing the shedding to the color and the dry ends and not the hair itself

What are you doing to combat the dry ends??

I cant go as long as I did the last install without styling and/or washing my hair. I co-wash this hair more instead of using actual shampoo. I seal with argan and coconut oil throughout the week to keep the ends in check!

Have you straightened this hair??

Yes. Last time I had this hair in I never flat-ironed my weave but its been so cold here in NYC these last couple weeks that I dont even wanna be bothered with water and curls for a few days. I flat ironed it using the chase method and a bit of oil for the ends.

How long do you plan to keep this install in this time?

I dont have a take out date in mind yet but I do want to do more protective styles this year. Its already almost february so by mid march I'm sure I'll be itching for a new style - maybe even braids *gasp*

Would you order this hair again??

Yes! I think MiaRay and have a great product so I will continue to be a loyal customer. I want to experiment with blonde for a lil while longer so my next purchase would be from another company that specializes in blonde weave hair.

Going from natural black/brown hair to honey blonde and even lighter is very hard to do. I would recommend spending the extra cash and letting a professional handle that. I also wish they offered closure options -- I want to rock a straight look without having to damage my leave out -- I've nvr had one so I need to do more research before I purchase or review one for you girls.

Overall, I still love my hair.. Yes it is a lil drier and it sheds but neither is unbearable. I will be rocking my hair for a lil while and I'll try to update you occasionally while I have it installed.

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