Monday, November 19, 2012


When I tell you I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee.... I love this product line!

Randomly one day I picked up the coconut cleansing co-wash and I've talked about it a few times already so we can just skip ahead to last week Thursday!

Strolling the aisles of my local beauty supply store I came across the entire AS I AM product line and was inclined to purchase and try out some different products and baby honey child boo boo that hair was BOMB!!!!!!

Let me tell you what I got:

  • hydration elation
  • double butter cream
  • curling jelly 
  • cocoshea spray

I cleansed with the coconut cleansing co-wash like regular and then I baggy'd with the hydration elation and let me tell you that I was elated with how hydrated my hair was... All of the products have a similar coconut smell to them -- the Mr. kept sniffing my head so that's always a good thing! UGH! the consistency -- like whipped frosting! So light and airy but still thick enough for me to shake the bottle and nothing fall out.. 

3hrs later...

It was time to style. Now this has been a VERY VERY busy weekend - I needed something that could hold up and be almost dry come Friday morning so I could hit the streets! I did a wash & go y'all and honey that hair was something out of this damn world! When I tell you my curls have NEVER in two years popped like they popped this wknd I mean that.. 

On wet hair I sectioned and rake through some double butter cream first and then I went over the section again with the curling jelly.. The smell again is the same (coconuts) the butter cream has a denser feel to it but it is really light and airy --- so if the hydration elation was whipped frosting this is just regular frosting.. The curling jelly reminds me of kinky curly curling custard -- same loose jelly like gel only this one smells better!

I pineapple'D all wknd.. I sprayed the cocoshea spray on my ends and scrunched to lose a bit of the crunch.. Shake to relax my curls from the top of my head.

I don't make a habit of using an entire product line on my hair -- I think this is the first time I've actually done this. I am super excited to see how this works for twists and braid outs and flexi rods! The double butter cream is soooooooooooooooooooo buttery I could just imagine my twist out *squeals* LOL! 


My first trip to the BSS cost me $48 dollars for the first three products -- I picked up the cocoshea spray on Saturday and that was another $12 so the price is definitely reasonable.


You know how you pick up a product and it says "with coconut oil, Shea butter and jojoba oil" then you look on the ingredients list and its like the 37th thing listed after a bunch of synthetic manufactured crap??? Well this is NOT the case for these products! Coconut oil and a bunch of other extracts are one of the first ingredients in all of these products --- I haven't goggled every ingredient and I didn't look to see if it was curly girl approved BUT its all good over here!

My hair feels amazing.. Extremely moisturized.. My curls are popping.. LIFE IS GOOD!

Try it and let my know your thoughts -- I am definitely a fan!

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