Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've been slacking with the reviews I know but there are just sooooooooooooo many new products... I'm trying desperately to find a holy grail can't live without product list that I can share with you but every week is something different.

1st I RE-purchased the AS I AM "coconut cleansing co wash" and then I FINALLY found the CANTU SHEA BUTTER "coconut curling cream" (AUGUST CURLBOX) in my local BSS so y'all know I picked that up!



I am almost out of the GIOVANNI "direct leave-in" -- that stuff is heaven in a damn bottle.. I'm gonna buckle down and order directly from their website for the larger bottle. For any ladies who may not have tried Giovanni's before it is a very lightweight leave-in and as soon as it hits your hair it melts! It clumps my curls immediately. I've used it on braid outs and flexi rod sets and basically any style y'all have seen in the last month from me. I will say that using it on wet hair is better then on dry hair -- it doesn't have the same melting effects but yes this stuff is the truth! Oh! and if y'all just need visual proof check out HAIRCRUSH on YouTube - she swears by it and after y'all see her hair you will swear by any and everything she swears by! It is that serious!

I have to take off for the wet vs. dry results but I love this and I will be repurchasing a smaller one until my order comes in the mail from their website

I've also tried out two new conditioners.. 

Nature's Gate "tea tree calming" conditioner
I found this conditioner in one of my local beauty supply stores by complete accident! I am assuming it was one of those products they ordered and didn't really sell because it was at the end of the aisle with a very sad orange price tag on it for $2.99.. I've seen this brand in Ricky's and Whole Foods for at least $6 and $7.99 so why not give it a twirl? It has tea tree leaf oil in it as one of the first ten ingredients so you do get that tingling feeling when it is applied to the hair -- i know some naturals do not like that feeling so keep that in mind. It has a pretty thick consistency for a conditioner but it still has great slip to it.


EEEEHHHHH.... probably not! or should I say I wouldn't buy it for $7.99 -- I don't like how it smells and it was just OK! my hair wasn't super soft or anything it was EH... *shrugs* 

I will say this: The bottle says it is for irritated, flaky scalp and it provides calming relief for dry and itchy conditions -- I have none of these conditions so perhaps this product just isn't for me at this time in my journey!

Curl Care by Dr. Miracle "nourishing conditioner"

Dr. Miracles Curl Care "nourishing conditiner" was in my October CurlBox. I used it, I didn't like it, I used it again and I liked it a lil better than I did when I initially tried it! If you have ever used a Dr. Miracle product then you already know that his products have that medicated, peppermint sensation to them and this is no exception! If you aren't a fan then do not pick this product up. I have to use this again to really give a fair assessment -- I can say for sure that I have not been blown away by it yet! The consistency is that of a typical conditioner; not too heavy and not too thick.. It smooths in my hair pretty easily and I was able to finger comb through it. As far as ingredients and how good this stuff is for my hair --- I'm not a scientist but there are a bunch of stuff in here that I can not pronounce!  

The verdict is still out on this product... I'll keep ya posted after the bottle is gone! For now, a 6 is the best I can give it.

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