Thursday, January 10, 2013


I posted this pic on Instagram and got some unexpected feedback.. To paraphrase, the emails went something like this...

"Who is this white girl"

"Why would you glorify someone stealing "our" look"

"That puff ain't even real"

I must have missed the memo that celebrating natural hair and its versatility was only a black girl thing. I am fully aware that this isn't her hair; and perhaps her Caucasian texture could not produce such an AWESOME PUFF but that doesn't take away from how awesome that puff is. 

Nobody stops you from rocking Malaysian virgin Remi silky 32' weaves when you want! Instead of hating, why not celebrate that a designer decided to forgo the sleek ass length ponytail for some texture! YOUR TEXTURE!

The natural hair "movement" is not about color -- it is about empowering women to love what they were born with naturally.. Black women, White women, Spanish women, the Lil green alien women -- it shouldn't matter.

What message are we sending our daughters? What about the Caucasian curlies? The mixed chicks? Us curly girls have got to do better.. If you cant do better then do me a favor a keep that mess out my inbox!

Love ya!

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