Saturday, January 5, 2013


The long awaited review is finally here ladies!!!!!!!

Today makes one month since my hair was installed. I wanted to wait at least a month before I reviewed it so I could have washed it a few times and styled it and give you girls a really thorough review and the time has finally come..


I ordered the 3 bundles 22' 24' 26' and quite honestly I am not about that Rapunzel weave life.  I didn't like the harsh contrast between my leave out and the weave;  the layers weren't defined enough so my dominican stylist Olga layered the hell out of this hair! After it was done I thought that we could have left the hair a little longer but for every day life this length is perfect.

So it was installed and then Olga chopped and screwed it for me and the rest is history..


  • I wash with Kinky Curly come clean shampoo 
  • I condition with whatever is handy -- right now its Alba honeydew nourishing hair conditioner
  • leave-in of choice is Mixed Chicks leave-in or Giovanni direct leave-in

I rake the product through and go about my bizness! The curl/wave pattern is so pretty and it matches my leave out so nicely that I don't have to do too much to it.

If I want a little more hold I will add some Ecostyler olive oil gel.


I've kept it simple so far, nothing too crazy, but I did buy a curling wand and I put some curls in it the first couple days after my install. Tonight Im gonna try flexi rods and c how that turns out!

Before & After

Spiral Curls

Serving in my PJ's


Two braids or two twists and my satin bonnet. I unravel and separate. SIMPLE!

Someone is gonna ask about shedding -- very minimal 

Someone is gonna ask about luster -- it has a realistic healthy hair shine to it

Someone is gonna ask if I would purchase again -- HELL YEA! I'm already planning my birthday hair

Someone is gonna ask where they can get this hair --

Well ladies thats it.. A month in and I am still in love with my hair.. Let me know if you have purchased from them and what your experience was like

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  1. I dont agree this hsir is TRASH! I got 2 bundles of brazillian wave and it did Ok for all of 2weeks. Its sheds and mattes badly. Its not full at all. Just pure TRASH

    1. I'm srry you feel that way. I loved my hair and I never experienced any matting or severe tangling. I hope you emailed the company - Mia is very good about providing customer service and I'm sure if you would let your dissatisfaction be known the situation could have been resolved.