Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This month in my Curlbox I received a full sized Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard and I decided to try it on a new style I was trying out -- finger coils. I washed, conditioned and  detangled and proceeded to style.

A finger coil is basically taking a small section of hair and twirling it around your fingers to create a coil.

Now I had never done finger coils so I wasn't sure what to expect - I would say I have about medium length hair and it still took my 3 HOURS to coil all of my hair *side eye* yea.. NVR AGAIN!


Beautiful Textures - Curl Definer Styling Custard for mixed textures (curly, wavy, kinky-Colly, frizzy)
"Achieve amazing manageability and styling versatility for the curly, wavy, kinky-coily, or frizzy hair. Get soft defined curls, bodacious bouncy spirals, and smooth silky tresses while nurturing natural growth of mixed textured hair"

The Styling Custard has a very loose jelly like consistency. It smells good but the smell is a little overwhelming -- luckily the smell doesn't linger. It reminds me of the Kinky Curly Custard - same clear jelly type stuff.

Y'all already know that I am a ingredient conscious natural and I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the ingredients.  There is water, aloe leaf extract, ginseng root extract, olive oil, mango butter, nut oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein and some other not so bad stuff in this product. Towards the bottom of the list  you will find some gycols and polysorbates but all in all it isn't the worst product you can use on your hair.

As far as styling is concerned -- THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!!! MY CURLS WERE POP'N! The jar says: "Attain the ultimate moisture, definition and curl control"

Did I like the finger coils?? EH--NOT SO MUCH... But I still had excellent definition. My hair wasn't frizzy and it didn't shrink up as much as it normally does. I ended up pulling the coils apart and jst slicking my hair back for a ponytail on Sunday.

I'm going to use this product again with a different style and I'll show you girls the results in another post.

Here are a few pics from Instagram - LATA!


I loved the definition
My hair was not crunchy
I'm taking off for the very perfumed smell
It gets points for less shrinkage & frizz but I still have to take off bcuz the style didn't quite work out 


LADIESSSSSSSSSSS.... While this product gives AMAZING definition it dries my hair out like no tomorrow and it FLAKES!!!!!!!! like disgusting huge white flakes! 

I've mixed it with oils.. I've tried to use very little and it still flakes up on me and dries me out no matter the product combination so I will nvr go out and purchase this product with my own money.


The only reason it didnt get an F was because of the definition I received 

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