Friday, March 15, 2013


Y'all remember the cereal Rice Krispies? And how when you added the milk you could hear the SNAP.. CRACKLE.. POP? Every time I detangle my hair it reminds me of that!!!!

Since I took out my weave I've noticed a bit of shedding and I have this patch right in the center of my head that is completely broken off! While this news is devastating, it just reaffirms that I am not a super hero and that perfect natural does not exist..

Right now I am on operation "get right.. act right" 

My mission is to combat this shedding and to nurse the hair in the middle of my head back to health..

I'm going back to my black tea rinses and I've picked up some Jamaican Black Castor Oil to massage on my scalp.. Another thing, I have to be careful with my styling! The middle is under construction and if I ever want to keep some hair back there i have to be conscious of the amount of manipulation.

Someone is gonna ask sooooooooooooooo..

Add 2-3 tea bags to boiling water
Let it cool
Add to hair.. Sit for 20-30mins
Add DC of choice.. Sit for ANOTHER 30mins

I wrote about the benefits of tea rinses back back back in the day -- check the potions post if you haven't read it!

I'll b back soon enough and keep you guys updated operation "get right.. act right" 

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