Saturday, March 16, 2013


I put up a picture of my last post on Instagram and then I felt inclined to explain breakage..

I can't think of one natural who has a consistent curl pattern throughout her head -- I have at least three! And with these awesome curls comes a few problems

  • Dryness -- natural oils are secreted from the scalp and make their way down the shaft.. Since our hair strands are shaped like curly Q's it is difficult for the oil to make that journey down

  •  Breakage -- every bend, turn, twist and curl our hair makes is a potential breaking point!!!!!!!!!!

I won't even get into single strand knots cuz that is a whole post all by itself!!!!!!!! *le sigh*

So your saying, Asia what am I suppose to do with this awesome head of hair on my head if it is potentially a battle field for dryness and breakage?????????????????????


  1. Hydrate your hair every couple days - Spritz with water/oil mixes.. Co-wash & Seal..
  2. Use your fingers as often as possible!!! Finger detangling has been a lifesaver -- combs/brushes can snag and pop your hair
  3. Pay attention to your styling -- protective styling isn't effective if it is harming your strands
  4. Adopt a regimen that works for you -- my hair benefits from black tea rinses, different oils and low manipulation styles
  5. Protein treatments once a month could give you the extra strength you need
It is important to pay attention to your different curl patterns so you can gauge what you should do differently. This bit of breakage in the middle of my head isn't the biggest set back in my journey. I see the problem and I am working on making things right.


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