Wednesday, August 8, 2012


"Girlllllllllllllllllll you got good hair!" 

Someone asked why i went natural. 

Well, I didn't have a moment of enlightening, i never suffered those scary chemical burns, no allergic reaction, wasn't trying to get in touch with my ancestors, i honestly just stopped relaxing my hair *shock & awe*

I knw.. I knw.. Most naturals come up with a million philosophical reasons why they gave up the creamy crack but my story isn't that "deep"

I am the granddaughter of a licensed cosmetologist, I am the daughter of a licensed cosmetologist... Hair is something that has always been around. Sitting In the shop for hours on the weekend has been ingrained in me since i could remember. wash & sets, press & curls, pigtails, ponytails, dax and blue magic hair grease. yo momma yelling to hold your head still was all apart of being a lil girl in my family


I wanted finger waves soooooooooooooooooo bad! UGH! i had a cousin who got haircuts, braids, those funny looking twists in the front with the hair hanging in the back!!!! UGH!!! y'all don't understand! i had hair envy! I begged and pleaded for a relaxer.. plz plz plz let me get a relaxer.. My mom finally gave in. I got my relaxer only to find out my damn hair was too long to finger wave.. it was a tragic day for a very sad 15yr old 

Skip ahead to the new millennium 

i get a touch up every 3-4 months... girl what?! yes! i get a touch up every 3-4 months.. anytime anyone would ask about my regimen that little fact would send people into a frenzy.

"why u even get a perm"
"my hair would look jacked up if i waited that long"
"you sure you not Spanish"
"girl u got good hair"

while this banter was always good for a chuckle, I grew tired of this same conversation. My mom and I discussed it and i made the conscious decision to skip my scheduled touch up - those 3months passed and i skipped it again! Before u know it, I had transitioned for a year with wash & sets and weaves. One year turned into two and here i am..

Relaxer free for 2yrs and 4months

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