Sunday, August 26, 2012


I just want to congratulate myself on my 1st ever SUCCESSFUL, can b worn OUTSIDE in PUBLIC in the DAYTIME --- wash & go!

I have to admit I've had wash & go envy lately...

"I have curls.. My hair can do that" <--------- conversations with myself

Slight traces of hate were flowing through my veins every time I saw another natural rocking her wash & go..

So this week for wash day I tried it.. I went out got some more product SPECIFICALLY for this carefree, effortless, hair do!

#1 This is NOT an effortless, easy breezy, carefree hair do
#2 They should change the name to WASH, do a bunch of stuff to your hair and then GO

LOL! But it was cute and it held up all weekend... Check out the pics!

  • Jane Carter Curling defining cream
  • Carol's Daughter Tui leave-in conditioner
  • Eco Styler gel 
  • wide tooth comb

Now I don't normally use a comb in my hair but the comb helped with making sure the product was through all of my strands and it helped to clump my curls.. 

I liked it.. I will definitely do it again but I didn't like HOW MUCH PRODUCT I had to use! I didn't like the crunchy feeling from the gel either and there was some flaking -- other than that this hair do is a 7!

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