Saturday, August 11, 2012


Happy Saturday Guys!!!

I am very very very excited to announce that I finally received my 1st CURL BOX today.

For anyone who may not know what a curl box is -- it is a $20 monthly subscription and every month you receive a box full of natural hair products!!

I heard about curl box a few months ago and the product junkie inside me desperately needed to get my hands on one. I went to and signed up for their newsletter. Unfortunately whenever the list would open up it would sell out before I could order one, well this month I stalked that website.. I had my phone, my laptop, my boyfriend's phone all locked and loaded and ready to order.

Annnndddddddddddddd I got on the list *happy dance* I got on the list *happy dance*

This is an amazing service... For my first box I got two full-size products, a bunch of samples, some coupons and a really cute letter from the editor. Stay tuned for reviews because today is DEFINITELY hair wash day!!!!

If your interested in getting your own curl box (I'm not sharing mine) go to the website:

Follow the CEO and her team on instagram: @curlbox @myleik 

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